Sai Baba Rough Notes

This is just a test page where I can try out new things, post miscellaneous bits of information and keep notes of things I need to do. Go to this blog to find out all about Sai Baba; homosexual paedophile, murderer, fraud and false guru.

01 December 2006

Beyond My Wildest Dreams!!!

For the month of November 2006 Sai Baba EXPOSED has had over 3400 visitors - our highest number yet! This graphic is further more proof that our work is a wild success and hopefully will continue it's stratospheric growth.

28 November 2006

HUGE Increase In Three Days!

After a stat listing was taken just three days ago, I couldn't help getting excited over the latest huge increase in the Average Visitor Count. Bearing in mind this is an average figure, the Count has jumped up 48! From 132 to 180 visitors in just three days!

25 November 2006

China Censors Sai Baba EXPOSED?

I don't know what all the fuss is about on China's censorship of Google and other search results to prevent political dissension. This latest screencap showed someone from China trying to search for information about Sai Baba's 81st Birthday, and ended up spending a seriously large amount of time reading my blogs and clicking to external sites about the 1993 murders. Censorship? I don't think so. :-)

Triple-Whammy Blog Stats Nov 2006

After the sensational publication of the triple-whammy marking Sai Baba's 81st birthday, the total number of unique visitors has gone way past the 20,000 mark and the number of average daily visitors shot up from 81 to 132!

08 November 2006

Sai Baba EXPOSED Tops Guardian!!

This screenshot shows that, for a limited time, my blog on the Guardian Exposé topped the Guardian site itself!!! And yes, that search was entered by someone else, not me. Goes to show that even rank-and-file members of the Sai Organisation are getting all antsy about this latest sensational exposé!

03 November 2006

OVER 3000 Visitors A Month!

We're pleased to announce that October 2006 brought an unprecedented amount of visitors to our main blog with over 3000 visitors!

Of course this sharp rise from the previous month can only be due to our scandalous and shocking exposures of Sathya Sai Baba's Shirdi Lies and the recently discovered School Lies. May this resounding success continue with more sensational exposures on the way! :-)

Averaging 108 Visitors A Day

I had to post this when I saw it. Auspicious or what? :-) BOOYAH, Sai Baba! :-)

12 October 2006

First Page Google Rankings!

Our recent exposé of Sai Baba's Shirdi LIES has helped our main blog attain first place on Google rankings under the terms, "successor to Sai Baba".

So more people are hitting our site to read all about it! :-)

07 October 2006

071006 Sai Baba Exposed Stats

I do believe that the 100+ barrier has been broken for the first time (that I've noticed). A good occasion to celebrate more people coming to know about the lies, decit and hypocrisy of Sathya Sai Baba. :-)